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Why You Need Us

Use An Independent Consultant.  Advertising companies, like radio and television stations, make it really easy for anyone with a checkbook to buy advertising.  At the same time they make you feel like a savvy negotiator who is getting a great deal on the best inventory they have to offer. Remember that the media rep has one job—to sell you the advertising product they represent, such as outdoor advertising, yellow pages, newspaper, etc. An advertising agency represents "you," not a particular media. 

Your Time Is Money. You save lots of time if you eliminate all the accounting hassles, multiple rep sales calls, countless research, and all the necessary work for effective media buying. Working with one contact and company, Genius! Advertising and Marketing, saves time and money when placing media.

Your Office Manager Is Not A Media Buyer. An ineffective situation that often occurs is when a designated person in the organization “takes care of the advertising.” This person may be someone with or without a marketing background. Since this person may not give your media buy 100% focus, these situations rarely result in optimal media purchases. And if the owner negotiates the media buy, they feel like they got a great deal, but it might not be the most effective media investment.

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